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How Therapy Changed My Life

If you grew up like me therapy was not an option growing up, it was drilled in my head that "you don't need therapy, what will people think," "you must be really messed up if you need therapy," and "she is crazy she needs therapy." These are the things I heard around the word therapy.

Before I got married I had a horrible emotional meltdown. It was enviable that I would have a breakdown, I lost my father, lost myself and due to me losing myself I became a different person, started acting out and my best friends had to wake up me and tell me that they couldn't be around me anymore. Because of them I woke up, I couldn't imagine living without my best friends they were my sisters, we had our small family we created. I immediately took some space and got professional help.

Finding the right therapist isn't easy I'll say that. I spoke to 2 therapist previously, but they weren't what I needed. In the end, I spoke to a psychiatrist who recommended me psychoanalysis therapy as my correct treatment. She recommend me find a therapist who was specialist in psychoanalysis. My journey for healing had begun and I am happy to say it is still continuing.

The point I want to make is that we all have repressed triggers, and we all have deep rooted childhood trauma, it could be big or small regardless it can be trauma to us. Therapy not only helps you love yourself and get to know who you are the most but, it allows you to have healthy relationships with those around you. We tend to try to mask our pain in others pain so we feel better about ourselves but, that can be dangerous because others pain can actually trigger our own within. You should not help anyone till you help yourself first.

Therapy has also saved me from so many unnecessary arguments with my husband because, we tend to reflect our pain, deep rooted issues and anger towards those we love. As I heal I learned my husband cannot fix me, he can only help me mask my pain and issues. Masking won't help me in the long run so, understanding it on my own and working through it with my therapist I find myself not in need of any validation from anyone.

I'll leave you with this thought, confidence comes from self love, and self love can only come from the relationship you have with yourself. We tend to lie to ourselves constantly in order to keep going. Ultimately, the choice is yours are you ready to face your own truth?

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