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Long Distance Relationship 101

First of all long distance relationships are hard just like any other relationship you have to sustain and work hard at it, but it comes with its own challenges which are an extreme need of trust & communication.

It's true that with long distance relationships modern technology has made it even more possible then it was before. Can you image in the 1940s how people would have sustained a long distance relationship? Today, we have the ability to video call and share moments live with our loved ones.

So, let's get to some real shit. If you want to keep your long distance relationship alive you must have trust, you have to give your partner the benefit of the doubt till you have any further reason. Secondly, you have communicate every single day, you must strive to not have those "Hi, how are you" convo there needs to be authenticity in your conversations you need to have those real raw conversations were you discuss both your goals, needs, expectations and of course you have to show interest in each others lives.

One thing I noticed with long distance is we tend to take each other for granted especially if you have been with the person for a few months truly. Do you ever stay on the phone with your partner for hours but realize you aren't talking. You both are just doing your own thing but are just keeping each other there, if you think deep it kind of shows you that both of you aren't truly giving each other the undivided attention you did once. So sometimes it's is actually okay to say "Hey I am busy I will call you back" and you should when you know you can give your significant other your undivided attention.

Trust is definitely the hardest especially if you comes from drama that is having trust issues. If you believe that is you than, I am sorry, you need to take care of that trust issues first before you get yourself in any type of relationship.

Relationships are all about taking risks, you have to take some risk. Long distance works if both people know themselves to the core. Both individuals need to be in a place where they know what they expect, what they are looking for and can be honest with their feelings.

With long distance what can tend to happen is we ignore the main issues because it's so easy. It's a matter of a hang up that we are running away from the real issues. We keep the talking to all happy, pleasant but inside we are confused or upset at what was said but keep repressing it. Repression is poison to the body, it better to develop that communication with your partner and talk have those discussion it honestly is the best way to get to know one another.

To wrap things up, don't forget that even though you may be far from one another you must still give and receive undivided attention, you want to get to know you as a person and always keep the doors to communication open. Lastly, you need to have trust you can keep asking questions to pry answers which eventually lead to arguments. Trust with everything that you have until you are given a reason to not trust.

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