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Relationships and the 3 C's

Updated: Feb 22, 2020


As, a newlywed I wanted to help my fellow new brides, soon to be brides or anyone in a relationship! I have been with Anwar for about 11 years now, being with someone for such a long time you truly learn so much about Communication, Compromise, and Compassion.

The number one advice I would like to give to my soon to be married couples invest in pre marital counseling, and if you are a newlywed or not it is never to late to start couples therapy. It helps tremendously, like my therapist said it is like having a troubleshooting manual so when those rough times do come you know what to do.

Woman we are definitely our partner's back bone we set the tone during those arguments as well. It can be really hard when our ego gets in the way and we really want to prove our point but, always remember to think before you speak. Treat your partner how you would want him to treat you.


Never close the doors to communication, always be "Online" with your partner. As soon as you close those doors or you hold back how you feel you are allowing yourself to create resentment. No matter how big or small anything is, talk it out express how you feel. Never go "offline" never let your partner feel like they don't know you. Hear each other out and try your best to understand there view. Without communication a relationship will never exist. If you find yourself scared to communicate how you feel, I highly advice couple therapy. Communication is truly key!


This can be the hardest but also very important. Once you hear out your partner and understand there point of view, it's time to truly digest what is going on. You may not exactly agree or understand exactly how they feel but, you have to remember what is more important. You winning this or the love between the two of you? Figuring out a middle ground and compromise is the goal. Sometimes you may need an hour or so and then regroup from each other and just understand your thoughts and try to come back with your compromise. It's a sure fact you will have to give up some things you wanted, but remember compromises show your partner that you truly hear them out. Never loose your focus, that the relationship is about you two loving one another. A compromise you make today may change in a year or two. Compromising with your partner not only show your own growth but shows your partner you understand their needs.


Best part of the 3 C's! Show your partner a bit of intimacy and empathy. Do your best to feel how they must be feeling in low moments. Hold them, hug them and even give them a forehead kiss. Never forget that your partner has feelings and needs to be a bit babied from time to time. Be romantic, do something small but timeless.

These will truly help you through tough arguments, do your best to never turn an argument to a fight. Fights are no no's! Arguments help you get closer to your partner and learn what their needs are. Do not forget your love is the foundation of your relationship!

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